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        Pure silver, also known as fine silver, is made up of 99.9% silver, while 925 Sterling Silver usually          has a purity of 92.5% silver

Silver is a very soft metal, which makes pure silver unsuitable for jewelry making as it will easily scratch, dent, and change shape. In order to make the silver harder and more durable, copper and other metals are added to the pure silver. 

925 Sterling Silver is one of these mixes, usually with a purity of 92.5% silver. This percentage is the reason why we call it 925 Sterling Silver or 925 Silver. The remaining 7.5% of the mixture is usually copper, although sometimes it may consist of other metals such as zinc or nickel.

  • How Can I clean my silver Jewellery?


Polishing your silver with a soft microfiber cloth is a simple but effective way to keep your jewellery shining for years.

Likewise, you can dip a soft cloth in mild soap and rub the now-damp cloth against your silver jewellery’s surface.

  • How Should I Store my Silver Jewellery?


As exposure to air tarnishes silver, keeping your jewellery in individual airtight bags will both minimise the discolouration over time and stop your pieces from scratching each other. Storage in a low humidity area of your home is also beneficial and if this isn’t possible then adding a piece of chalk or a packet of silica gel to your jewellery box should help to reduce the oxidisation process to minimal levels. We sell special see through anti tarnish bags so you can see your jewellery and protect at the same time. 

  • Can I wear Sterling Silver jewellery in a pool/ beach?


No! You should not wear a sterling silver Jewellery in the pool or beach as the chemicals/salt in the water will damage your jewellery causing it to oxidise and tarnish over time.


  • Can I wear Sterling Silver jewellery in a shower?


Showering with sterling silver jewellery won’t necessarily harm the metal. However, silver is a natural metal and therefore reacts with certain things. The water can oxidise the silver, meaning it is likely to tarnish.

  • Why my Silver jewellery is changing colour? How Can I prevent it?


When oxygen or sulfur comes in contact with silver, they chemically bond with the surface of the metal causing the silver to appear discoloured. This is what we describe as tarnishing or oxidisation. This is a totally natural and indeed expected chemical reaction.

With care you can delay tarnishing and oxidisation. The first thing to do is to wear it often. The oils in your skin will naturally ‘polish’ the silver and keep it shiny and tarnish free. Avoid exposing your silver to household cleaning chemicals, chlorinated water and anything containing sulfur such as wool, mustard or eggs. Direct sunlight will accelerate tarnishing so avoid sunbathing whilst wearing your jewellery. Finally, cosmetics, potions and perfumes will dramatically accelerate the tarnishing of your silver so be sure to put your jewellery on last when dressing. 

Yes, we do the customization to meet your unique demands.

Yes, you may add items to an existing order provided we have not yet dispatched it. If we have already dispatched your package, you will need to make a new order.

Yes, We do redesign the product that are sold out but the design may vary slightly as they are handmade as each product is unique.   

Our Jewellery is guaranteed 92.5% Sterling Silver. We also offer refund in case of damage. We also have an exchange policy according to which you can exchange the jewellery after 90 days of purchase. Terms and Condition applied kindly refer to our return policy.


 Here are some easy ways to check if your jewelry is made with authentic 925 Sterling Silver:

  • Magnet Test

Magnets have no effect on authentic silver. If your jewelry is attracted to a magnet, it is not made of 925 Sterling Silver. 

  • Quality Marks

As we mentioned earlier, authentic 925 Sterling Silver jewelry will have quality marks such as “925”, “.925”, “Ag925”, “Ster”, or “Sterling Silver” hidden somewhere on the piece. Not being able to find such markings should raise a red flag. 

  • Acid Test

File a small part of the item in a discreet area and apply a few drops of nitric acid on this area. If the color of the acid turns into a creamy white, the silver is pure or 925 Sterling. If the color of the acid turns green, it is probably fake or silver plated. Be careful when dealing with chemicals and remember to protect yourself using gloves and goggles.

While we have made every effort to display colours of the products appear as accurately as possible on the website, we cannot guarantee that your monitor or screen display of any colour will be completely accurate, as computer monitors and screens of electronic devices vary. Some products may also appear smaller or larger than their image displayed on our website.